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Ubidots Team Blog

Using an IoT Platform vs Do It Yourself (DIY)
Cameron Klotz
By Cameron Klotz
on July 6, 2017

When we discuss the Internet of Things technology as a harbinger of the evolution of technology, we are also talking about...

How to monitor your Internet connection using OpenWrt and Ubidots
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on February 13, 2016

Is your Internet provider delivering a good quality service? If the answer is “no”, then how can it be measured? A nice way...

Create a real-time map without writing any web code
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on February 3, 2015

As a hardware guy, coding a real-time map used to sound too complicated for me. Fortunately, Ubidots' dashboard has made it so...

Getting ready for the global Internet of Things day
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on January 19, 2015

Next week we'll be hosting an Internet of Things hackathonThe #IoTDay is an annual event that gathers hackers and makers...

Live Tracking the International Space Station
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on February 18, 2015

During last october's Python Boston User meetup, we put together this simple but fun project. Because this was a software meet...

Building a Cross-Platform System Monitor with Ubidots
Daniel Da Silva
By Daniel Da Silva
on January 31, 2014
System monitors are tools that report information on the resources and performance of a given computer system. Data points...

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