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Ubidots Team Blog

IoT Interfaces Made Simple With Nextion, Raspberry Pi and Ubidots
Mateo Vélez
By Mateo Vélez
on July 6, 2017
Have you heard about Nextion Display ? Nextion allows you to craft awesome interfaces, even if your coding level is "hello...
Water your plants remotely using PiFace and Ubidots
Luis Duarte H.
By Luis Duarte H.
on July 28, 2014

One of the reasons I mostly have cactuses at home is because I often forget to water my plants. This is why I build this...

Hands on the AirPi Kit v1.4, a weather station using Raspberry Pi
Luis Duarte H.
By Luis Duarte H.
on February 18, 2015

AirPi is an plug-and-sense, low cost weather station. It works as a shield for the Raspberry Pi, gathering data about...

How to build a parking sensor to solve the pain of finding a free spot
Luis Duarte H.
By Luis Duarte H.
on July 10, 2014
In this project we'll build a simple parking sensor using a Raspberry Pi. It turns out that every morning I have to face...
Setup WiFi on Raspberry Pi using Wicd
Gustavo Angulo
By Gustavo Angulo
on September 29, 2016

An essential part of the Internet of Things is having objects speak to each other wirelessly. Raspberry Pi's are a great way...

Building a People Counter with Raspberry Pi and Ubidots
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on December 13, 2016
People counters are mostly used in the retail industry to gain better insights of how shoppers behave. They are also...

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