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Build Your Own Pet Automatic Dispenser with Ubidots and NodeMcu

Juan Bello
By Juan Bello
on December 5, 2016

Have you given up on having a pet for the fear of not feeding while you're out of home?
Ubidots team was inspired by one of our users, or rather, the cat of one of our users, that didn't have anyone to feed her when her owner was outside home.


We decided to build a pet food automatic dispenser controlled remotely through Ubidots Cloud that everyone could make at home with very affordable materials. 


A food automatic dispenser. You can get it in almost any pet shop.


  • A mini CD.



  • A servomotor.  We recommend of 5-6 voltios


  • In this case, we are tiny pieces of wood, but you can use anything else. The idea is to stick the dispenser to a base.



  • ESP8266 nodeMCU.

Resultado de imagen para NODE MCU

  • Cables. 
  • Bolts for fixing the servo motor: 

  • microUSB cable.  A 5 volt-supply is also valid.
Resultado de imagen para microusb cable
  • Super glue:

Let's do it

For the beggining, trim down the wood so it can hold the servo motor in the dispenser. 


After having the base ready, we wil use the bolts to fix it with the dispenser. Then you can use the super glue to install the servo motor. 

DispFrenteWe recommend to use one of the special axes incluided with the servo:


Now, we tie the cd to the servo motor base. Don't forget to cut off a cd section so the food can come out. Once mechanic stuff is finished, our dispenser should look like this:



Electronic connections

The connection is pretty simple. First, connect the servomotor's red wire to the NodeMcy 3v3 pin. Then, the black wire to any pin with the name "GND". The last cable, which most of the times is white or yellow, will be connected in the 5th pin (D1). You can see the process in the image below:


Program the ESP NodeMcu

Once connection is finished we can open the Arduino IDE. We recommend you first to get familiar with Ubidots MQTT ESP library

Nicely done!

In this blog post we could use  ESP libraries in order to make our very useful and affordable project happen.  


Ubidots allows you to measure any kind of variables from sensors as movement, temperature, humidity and storage all the historical information in the cloud. You can also trigger automatic alerts via SMS or email and use dashboards to visualize and check your sensors data, remotely.

Have you any IoT initiative in mind? Get started now with Ubidots IoT platform!


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Juan Bello
Written by Juan Bello
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