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Ubidots Team Blog

Programming the ESP8266 with the Arduino IDE in 3 simple steps
Mateo Vélez
By Mateo Vélez
on June 13, 2016



The ESP8266 is a low-cost WiFi module built by Espressif Systems. Its popularity has been growing among the hardware...

SONOFF Tutorial: A Wi-Fi Room Temperature Controller for $10
Mateo Vélez
By Mateo Vélez
on June 8, 2016


In our last blog post we learned how to use the SONOFF Smart Switch to control a relay from Ubidots. In this case,...

SONOFF Tutorial: A Wi-Fi Smart Switch for $5
Mateo Vélez
By Mateo Vélez
on February 26, 2017


In this guide you will learn how to control any 110-240V appliance for $5, using Itead's SONOFF device. Compared with...

How Fleet Managers Can Use the Internet of Things
Gustavo Angulo
By Gustavo Angulo
on May 1, 2016

Our CEO recently participated in an interview by Waytek, a large supplier of high quality electrical components. He answered...

Particle Tutorial: Smart Garage Door
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on June 20, 2016

 The Particle community keeps finding cool applications to the Particle Device family. This time it was John R McAlpine V Mac, ...

Atmospheric data collection using High Altitude Balloons, Linkit One and Ubidots
Mateo Vélez
By Mateo Vélez
on June 13, 2016

During the contest Smart devices for Smart Cities, launched by Mediatek Labs, this team of aerospace engineering students setup...

Developing Apps for the Internet of Things – Design Tips for IoT Applications
Nokia Networks
By Nokia Networks
on January 4, 2016

If you’ve read any tech blog over the past few years, you’re probably well aware of the hype behind the ‘Internet of...

Pushing data to a chipKIT Board with an LED Matrix
Agustin Pelaez
By Agustin Pelaez
on October 14, 2015

This project shows how to read a Ubidots variable using an HTTP GET request and the chipKIT Uno board.

It serves as an...

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